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Information on the Cotutelle process

Information on the Cotutelle process (bi-national doctorate) for academic personnel.

Cotutelle process

The cotutelle-de-thèse process (bi-national doctorate) provides German scholars and institutions with an opportunity to deepen academic cooperation with a research institution abroad by jointly supervising and reviewing a dissertation, while at the same time, promoting the international mobility of young scholars.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to always check first with the Faculty's PhD Office whether a Cotutelle is possible.

In the Cotutelle process, a young scholar will obtain a joint doctoral degree awarded by two universities. At the end of the process, a document shall be awarded that has been executed by both partner universities.
This is an academic degree awarded for a single academic work based on research conducted at two universities. I.e., this does not mean that two doctoral degrees will be awarded; this is a single joint title according to the principles of German examination law.

Process features

  • Cotutelle doctoral students shall create their work under the supervision and responsibility of one supervisor each in both countries.
  • The preparation of the doctoral process will be divided up between the German and the partner university.
  • The dissertation will usually be written in one of the languages in question, with an oral summary in the other language.
  • At the oral examination or the defense, the candidate will be examined by an exam committee appointed by the partnering universities. The exam committee shall comprise scholars from both countries.
  • The stay at the partner university should last at least one year.