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Getting a Doctorate

If you are interested in getting your doctorate abroad, please check the International Office website for additional information.


In addition to the well-known DAAD scholarships, there are many other scholarships, Argelander Grant „International Conference Participations“. The International Office will provide you with information on further options for postgraduate scholarships at Graduiertenförderung.

Cotutelle – Binational doctorate

The Cotutelle-de-thèse process (double doctorate) provides German scholars and institutions with an opportunity to deepen academic cooperation with a research institution abroad by means of the joint supervision and review of a dissertation, while at the same time, promoting the international mobility of young scholars. In the Cotutelle process, a young scholars can obtain a joint doctoral degree awarded by two universities.

Cotutelle agreements currently exist with the universities of Paris Sorbonne IV and Florence, Italy.

Doctoral students planning to participate in a Cotutelle process should check with the PhD Office whether a Cotutelle is possible.

Detailed information on the bi-national doctorate and how it works can be found on the website of the International Office of the University of Bonn.