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Master Programme "English Literatures and Cultures"

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Name English Literatures and Cultures
Degree Master of Arts
Admission Winter Term and Summer Term
Duration 4 Semesters
Application Deadline Winter Term 2018: 7th -31st of May/ 27th of August-03rd of September

Short description of the Programme


The Master of Arts (M.A.) in “English Literatures and Cultures” consists of a 2-year graduate programme concerned with the anglophone literatures and cultures of Great Britain and the postcolonial world. 

Our degree provides knowledge of literary theories, cultural history, genres and epochs from the Middle Ages to the Twenty-first century, and critical approaches towards media and popular cultures, early modern texts as well as comparative studies.

It is designed to enhance your analytical skills and your research methods, it comprises teamwork as well as individual tasks, and you will improve your oral and written presentation skills. These competencies enable students to professionally discuss theoretical and methodological positions, to argue for their own positions, and to adequately work on their questions.

During their studies at the University of Bonn, students will obtain qualifications, which are not only relevant for the international job market, but which are also suitable for a variety of professional occupations. Due to the strong focus on research, students are prepared for work in academia or similar research institutions.

Application criteria and programme-specific requirements

The master programme “English Literatures and Cultures” is aimed at applicants who fulfil the following criteria:

Graduates of the University of Bonn and other universities in Germany or abroad, who have earned a Bachelor degree at the Faculty of Philosophy / Faculty of Arts and Humanities, where English Studies was either a major or minor subject of their studies.

Applicants for the Master programme “English Literatures and Cultures” have to submit proof that they have obtained a reasonable amount of credit points in English Studies, i.e. you should have acquired a minimum of 36 credit points in the following areas:

  • English language practice (minimum of 18 credit points)
  • English literary history, anglophone literatures
  • literary and cultural theories

We accept applications from students who are about to finish one of the above mentioned degrees, as long as they have acquired a minimum of 132 credit point upon application. Applications are eligible if they can provide their bachelor certificate by 30th September (winter term) or 31st March (summer term).

A fair knowledge of the German language (DSH 1, TestDaf TDN 4, or a similar qualification) is also necessary.

A conclusive and exhaustive list of requirements can be found in the official examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung). 

Contact details for application requirements

Studies Coordination
Department of English, American and Celitc Studies
Dr. Imke Lichterfeld
Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Department of English, American and Celtic Studies
Dr. Nicole Meier
Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Website of the department:

Contact details for admission requests see Prüfungsamt.