Examination Board

The board monitors and supervises the compliance with examination regulations as well as the adequate execution of examinations.

Constitution and Tasks

The Examination Board consists of

  • Chair / Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Deputy Chair
  • One member and one deputy member from the group of professors of each institute
  • Two members and two deputy memebers from the group of research associates of the Faculty of Arts
  • Two members and two deputy members from the group of students (one member for bachelor students and one member for master students of the Faculty of Arts)


  • Supervision of the compliance with examination regulations as well as the adequate execution of examinations (announcement of appointments and deadlines for examinations, appointment of examiner)
  • Decision on the recognition of academic achievements
  • Decision by disagreement, by individual request and on hardship cases
  • Permission of cumpulsory attendance as well as the study achievements, if they are not explicitly regulated in specific regulations
  • Regular reports (at least once per year) on examination procedures
  • Developmet of proposal and reform of the examination regulations
  • Permission of new elective modules

Summersemster 2023 

1. Meeting: 26.4.2023 (Application deadline: 22.3.2023)

2. Meeting: 5.7.2023 (Application deadline: 16.6.2023)


Wintersemster 2023/24

1. Meeting: 8.11.2023 (Application deadline: 04.10.2023)

2. Meeting: 24.1.2024 (Application deadline: 06.12.2023)


Summersemester 2024

1. Meeting: 24.04.2024 (Application deadline: 20.03.2024)

2. Meeting: 10.07.2024 (Application deadline: 05.06.2024) 


Members Deputy Members
Chair Prof. Dr. Marion Gymnich Prof. Dr. Winfried Schmitz
Institut I Prof. Dr. Dennis Lehmkuhl Prof. Dr. Elke Brendel
Institut II Prof. Dr. Henning Gibbons Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ettinger
Institut III Prof. Dr. Clemens Albrecht Prof. Dr. Grit Straßenberger
Institut VI Prof. Dr. Winfried Schmitz Prof. Dr. Michael Rohrschneider

Institut V

N.N. Prof. Dr. Kerstin Stüssel
Institut VI Prof. Dr. Elena Parina Prof. Dr. Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp
Institut VII Prof. Dr. Claudia Jacobi Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmitz
Institut VIII Prof. Dr. Adrian Hermann Prof. Dr. Harald Meyer
Institut IX Prof. Dr. Tobias Janz Prof. Dr. Britta Hartmann
Institut X Prof. Dr. Christoph Zuschlag Prof. Dr. Markus Dauss
Institut XI Prof. Dr. Sabine Feist Prof. Dr. Stefan Feuser
Research Associates Jakob Horneber, M.A. Dr. Hanna Nohe
Dr. Imke Lichterfeld Hannah Semsarha, M.A.
Students M.A. Luca Stemig Louisa Grandjean
Students B.A. Yannick Ossa Carla Paulus


Instructions and resolutions from the meetings of the Advisory Board for Examination



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