Research at the Faculty of Arts: Research Centres, Doctoral Studies and Habilitation

Research Practice in Humanities

Research practice in humanities is different from the one in natural sciences. Our scientific self-conception is based on the principle of "unity in diversity" or rather "differentiated excellence", which has been chosen as the central theme by the German Council of Science and Humanities with the focus on the difference among faculties and academic traditions during the rating process.

The excellence of the Faculty of Arts has not only been defined by our interdisciplinary research centres, but also by outstanding individual research projects. Most of the professors are world-renowned scientifists, who have an international reputation for academic excellence in their respective research areas. Furtehrmore, the high public attendence and the large number of international syposiums also indicates the remarkable performance of reseach practice at the Faculty of Arts. In fact, numerous leading journals and publication series have been edited by our colleagues of the Faculty of Arts; many colleagues are presidents of their own associations, work as referees for interntional publications and shape the culture of their own disciplines.


The habilitation is the highest university qualification examination at the Faculty of Arts.

Doctoral Studies

Doctoral Studies and structured DPhil programmes.

Research Centre

The centres of the Faculty of Arts are the key component to promote interdisciplinary researches.

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