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Joint Research Unit Diversity

The Faculty of Arts is characterised by its diversity and excellence in research, teaching and study as well as administration.
Since a long time, teaching and research in our institutes, research centres and museums have already centred around the idea of diversity. In order to better concentrate on this essential topic, to expand outward to more in-depth sub-topics and to make the idea of diversity more visible, the Faculty of Arts has set up the research unit diversity.

Joint Research Unit Diversity

On October 29th 2021 the joint research unit has benn established at the Faculty of Arts. We bring you more information later on.

Objectives and Tasks of the Joint Research Unit Diversity

Network - Research - Combination
The research unit diversity aims to provide great impetus not only in coordination of fields of reseach, but also in teaching and in close cooperation with student initiatives and various groups. Therefore, it serves as an interdisciplinary platform for both existing and growing fields of research which centre around the topic of diversity. Its key objective is to entrench every facet of the discussion on diversity in teaching and reseach.
Alongside its intensive collabration with other university institutions, for instance, the Office of Family Services, the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit and Center for Diversity Research in Teaching (ZeDiL) and various AStA-advisors, the research unit has widened bit by bit the focus of diversity. As the University of Bonn is an integral part of the City of Bonn, it is crucial for us to combine municipal engagement and citizens' initiatives. We hope that the discussion on diversity is accessible for everyone and contributes to a diverse community.
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Diversity Strategy

An excellent strategy serves as the basis for a diversity-oriented further training.

We are firmly convinced by this guiding principle and currently developing a forward-looking and stimulating strategy for our faculty. In the collaboration with departments, institutes and interdisciplinary institutions, we would like to reflect requirements, enquiries and expectations of our diverse faculty members. In order to provide a comprehensive outline of existing structures and innovative suggestions, the joint research unit diversity has created a survey for all status groups of the Faculty of Arts. A sustainable strategy which forms the basis for equal opportunity at all levels can only be achieved through collaboration and with an overview of a wide range of players and fields of research.

We bring you more information later on.

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