Eligibility Criteria for Faculty Allowance

Eligibility Criteria for Faculty Allowance (conference/printing cost)

Eligibility Criteria

Conference Allowance

  • Only available for events which take place in the university or institutions which are associated to the university (i.e. Literaturhaus).

Printing Allowance

  • The publications must be characterised by their strong connection to the faculty (i.e. conferences which take place in the university) or there must be several participating faculty members
  • Festschriften for
  1. institute anniversares (50, 100 ...)
  2. faculty professor's retirement and birthday: for professors who have taught more than 10 years in the University of Bonn, have made special contribution to the faculty, have a high reputation of teaching and research, have important positions at the faculty/in the university

For all applications for faculty allowance:

  • Detailed cost budgets must be submitted.
  • Support from notable third-party funding providers must be proved.        
  • The financial support from the faculty must be indicated. 
  • A proof of the disposition of resources (receipt of overal costs. flyer for the conference, specimen copy for publication) must be sent to the dean's office.

Application for allowance

Application for Faculty Allowance (PDF)

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