Excellence Strategy

Cluster for Textual Scholarship with success

On September 27th, 2018 the funding programme of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal government has announced the winner of the cluster of excellence: the cluster "Beyond Slavery and Freedom: Asymmetrical Dependencies in Pre-Modern Societies", which is hosted by the Faculty of Arts and is one of the overall six clusters of excellence that the University of Bonn obtained.

In the next seven years the research on the asymmetrical structures of individual or group-related dependency in pre-modern societies will be conducted in cooperation with Faculty of Law and Economics, Faculty of Theology as well as other partner institutes. The objective includes the establishment of an internationally renowned centre for dependency ans slavery studies, a fellowship programme, a postdoctoral programme and an international Master's programme.

Prof. Dr. Volker Kronenberg, dean of the Faculty of Arts, was particularly delighted with this success:

"I sincerely congratulate all colleagues on winning the cluster of excellence, in which six of our institutes participate. This success shows that the humanistic research in our Alma mater is in an excellent position and acts as a bridge connecting tradition and modernity, between classical research and scientific excellence, between so called 'small' and 'big' disciplines. The Faculty of Arts is extremely delighted and would like to continue making a contribution so that the University of Bonn will receive the titel of university of excellence."

For more information on the excellence strategy of the University of Bonn, please visit the university webpage.

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