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With our preliminary courses, we would like to make it easier to prepare for the start of your studies. These preliminary courses are designed to support first-year students in their transition from school to university and to help close any knowledge gaps even before students pick up their studies. They’re also a good opportunity to get to know your own academic discipline better and forge contacts with future fellow students.

The preliminary courses take place before the start of semester in September and are free of charge for all first-year students of the Faculty of Arts. The exact dates will be published here in August at the latest.

The preliminary course programme of the Faculty of Arts consist of four interdisciplinary formats and subject areas: Latin, cross- and longitudinal sections of the humanities, self-reflection and -organisation, and academic work. Below you will receive an overview of the preliminary courses at the Faculty of Arts. Detailed course descriptions and further information with regard to dates and registration can be found here.

Preliminary Courses at the Faculty of Arts

Here you will find our course offers. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Latin for beginners

The course teaches basic skills of the Latin language in a compact form within four weeks and concludes with an examination. The aim is to complete the Latin I, which is a precondition for the Latin II course (University Latinum), which can be taken later during the course of study. This course is aimed at all those who require knowledge of Latin for their studies but cannot yet prove it at the beginning of their studies. 

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Latin Refresher Course

The course is designed to help studnets refresh, secure and consolidate basic grammatical and lexical knowledge. In doing so, reading and translation exercises are offered; whenever possible, the subject interests of the participants are taken into account in the selection of texts. This course is addressed to all students who need Latin knowledge for their studies and would like to refresh it once again before starting their studies. 

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Cross- and longitudinal sections of the humanities

This course gives a compact and systematic introduction to important classification of knowledge of the humanities. Especially at the beginning of your studies, it is important to understand what the humanities mean and what are the connecting points of various disciplines. This vision will help you to recognise the interconnections and overlapping/connecting topics of the subjects that you have combined, so that you will be able to develop and formulate interdisciplinary scientific questions independently in the later course of your study.

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Self-reflection and -organisation

The preliminary course on self-reflection and -organisation introduces psychology-based knowledge and techniques, with which you will be able to learn sustainably and efficiently and thereby distribute your time in a realistic and productive manner. An important part of the course is therefore the reflection and - when necessary - adaptation of your own learning behaviour.

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Important Information about the Preliminary Courses

FAQ Preliminary Courses

On this webpage you will find information on all preliminary courses as well as specific information on the preliminary courses offered by the Faculty of Arts.

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PreCampus Registration

In order to participate in our preliminary courses, you must first register on the PreCampus platform.

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Preliminary Courses at the University

For those who are  preparing for entering university, the University of Bonn offers an extensive number of optional and free preliminary courses.

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Be EmPOWERed! programme

The university offers free self-learning opportunities and training to help students successfully manage their (digital) studies.

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Information Events for the Start of Studies

At the beginning of your studies...

... you have many questions and hardly know anyone at the university. But don't worry, the orientation week will make it easier for you to start your studies. In the week before the semester starts, the departmental advisors and student councils of our institutes organise information events, at which you can also get to know your fellow students. You can find out which specific events are offered on the websites of your study programmes.

Events organised by the departmental advisors

In particular, we would like to recommend the introductory events organised by the departmental advisors. At those events our advisors will explain the structure and content of your degree programme and you will also get to know the most important contact persons. 

The departmental advisors will explain to you, among others:

  • how your studies are structured
  • which modules and courses you have to attend
  • how to sign up for a course
  • how to register for the examination
  • who your major contact persons are
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Orientation Week 2021


Before the semester starts, here you will find in due time an overview of introductory events for each Bachelor's degree programme at the Faculty of Arts. Further information will be published on the websites of each institute and study programme.

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