Doctoral Studies and DPhil Programmes: the Faculty of Arts awards the academic degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.)

PhD Examination Procedure and DPhil Programme

The doctorate procedure begins with the admission to the qualification phase and ends with the completion of a supervision agreement. During the next two years of qualification phase (extension is possible) the PhD candidates can participate in doctoral colloquiums as well as a series of supplementary optional courses. In each structured DPhil programme a programme, which is usually designed according to a mix of disciplines, will be provided.

The examination phase will be opened once the dissertation has been submitted to the Examination Office. The awarding of the doctoral title follows the successful completation of the examniation phase.

Important Information

Important information and answers to FAQs

Structured DPhil programme provides a wide range of disciplinary and sometimes interdisciplinary curriculums, which support the PhD candidates with their later academic and non-academic careers.

For more information, please visist the webpage of Structured DPhil Programme in Humanities at the University of Bonn

For programme participants: please use the linked reimbursement of incurred expenses within the framework of programmes. Moreover, please sumbit the original copies of invoices and your bank account information. In addition, please also refer to the above mentioned guideline for financial support within structured DPhil programmes.

Programme Members

Chair: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ettinger

Prof. Dr. Martin Aust
Prof. Dr. Elke Brendel
Prof. Dr. Marion Gymnich
Prof. Dr. Britta Hartmann
Prof. Dr. Roland Kanz
Alena Saam

The Cotutelle de thèse at the Faculty of Arts enhances scientific networks to foreign academic institutions and enables PhD candidates to carry out their doctoral studies and research projects at the University of Bonn as well as another partner university. The information below may be helpful for you to participate in Cotutelle de thèse.

What shall I do in order to obtain a doctorate?

The following documents must be submitted to the dean's office of the Faculty of Arts:    

  • Application of the admission to the qualification phase
  • Supervision agreement
  • Copy of transcript of records and copy of degree (if available)

What shall I do, if my overall grade is lower than 2,5?

In this case, a personal statement of the grade, which is prepared by the PhD candidates, and a favourable statement from the supervisor must be first submitted. Afterwards the Doctoral Committee will take account of each individual case and decide whether the PhD candidate is permitted to do a PhD at the Faculty of Arts.

What is the qualification phase?

The qualification phase is the time period, in which the dissertaion is completed.

Which language certificates must be submitted by foreign students?

We accept the DSH-Zertifikat for the German language and the TOEFL-Test or IELTS-Test certificate for the English language.

As a foreign student, can my doctoral procedure directly be approved?

First of all, an application of the admission to the qualification phase must be submitted to the dean's office of the Faculty of Arts. Besides, a copy of your original transcript of records and a certified translation of this transcript of records must also be provided together with your application. Later, the deans's office will forwards these required documents to the central office of international education, which will examine whether all the preconditions for a doctorate have been fulfilled (qualified degrees and grades will also be taken into consideration). Provided that the examination goes well and the corresponding language certifiate (either German or English) is submitted, the doctoral procedure with the application of the admission to the qualification phase is permitted to begin.


Your Contact Person for

  • Promotion, Cotutelle de thèse

Your Contact Person for

  • Cotutelle de thèse

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