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All information on application procedure, admission and enrolment

Interested in a Bachelor's Degree?

Below you will find information exclusively on the application, admission and enrolment for a Bachelor's programme at the Faculty of Arts. If you are interested in a Bachelor's programme, please click on the button 'Application Procedure Bachelor' in order to be directed to the corresponding website.

Application Procedure for Master's Programme

The application procedure takes place online and completely paperless via the application portal. The necessary documents such as transcript of records, language certificates or references (if already available) must be attached and uploaded. Please do not send us your the application documents by post!

Before you start your online application, it is essential to take note of the detailed information listed for each degree programme, in particular the preconditions for admission and specific requirements relevant to the respective degree programme; there are specifications of:

  • the required bachelor's or university degree,
  • if necessary, any subject-relevant courses in the Bachelor's degree and
  • the language skills required in the respective Master's degree programme.

Please enter your information on these areas conscientiously and truthfully in the fields provided in the online form.

Documents must be uplaoded (do not send by post!)

  • Baccalaureate certificate
  • Bachelor's degree certificate (if available)
  • Transcript of Records
  • Language certificates

If your degree programme requires proof of sufficient German language skills, you must submit this proof to the Registrar's Office at the time of your enrollment.

During the application phase, please use the online application portal of the University of Bonn to finalise your application:

Application Deadlines for the Winter Term 2023/24

Application periods for degree programmes with restrected admission.

05.06. - 15.07.2023

  • Media Studies
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Strategy and International Security

15.05. - 30.06.2023

  • German and Comparative Literatures and Cultures

Application period for all degree programmes without restricted admission.

15.05. - 04.09.2023

The submission date of the application within this period has no influence on whether a study place can be secured. Submission and consideration of your application is possible during the entire application period. In order to avoid long waiting times for obtaining your university ID, we kindly ask you to refrain from late applications if possible.

  • Anthropology of the Americas
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Archaeological Sciences
  • Art History
  • Asian Studies
  • Comparative Literature
  • Cultures of Modernity in Music and Sound
  • Dependency and Slavery Studies
  • English Literatures and Cultures
  • European and Asian Art History
  • German Language and Literature
  • German-French Studies
  • German-Italian Studies
  • History
  • Greek and Latin Literary and Cultural History
  • Interreligious Studies - Philosophy of Religions
  • Latin American Cultural Studies / Estudios Culturales de América Latina
  • Linguistics
  • Medieval Studies
  • North American Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Provenance Research and History of Collecting
  • Renaissance Studies
  • Romance Studies
  • Scandinavian Studies
  • Slavery Studies
  • Spanish Culture und European Identity
  • Transcultural Studies / Cultural Anthropology
  • Transnational European and East Asian Culture and History (TEACH)

Admission & Enrolment

Your application status is accessible online at any time. You will receive an email from us no later than six weeks after the application deadline.

In the case of "Numerus clausus" programmes with restricted admission, you will receive:

  1. an official notification of enrolment from the Register Office, if you have achieved a sufficiently high position on the ranking list according to your Bachelor's overall grade after the selection procedure;
  2. a rejection if you do not meet the admission requirements and/or you are not eligible for the degree programme;
  3. an provisional notification if you fulfil the admission requirements, but stay at first on a waiting list due to a low ranking position. (Depending on the ranking position and the capacity of study places in the respective Numerus clausus programme, a decision will be made whether an admission can still be issued).

In the case of degree programmes without restricted admission, you will receive:

  1. an offical notification of enrolment from the Register Office, if you meet the admission requirements and your are eligible for the degree programme.
  2. a rejection if you do not meet the admission requirements and/or you are not eligible for the degree programme.

With the admission letter, the master's programme is already opened up without the need for further indication of a first higher education degree qualifying for a profession (usually the Bachelor's degree). In order that an enrolment at the Faculty of Arts is possible, all the academic requirements which are listed according to the exmination regulations and for the first professional qualification must be fulfilled. Therfore, the last examination must be succeeded, particularly the bachelor thesis must be submitted. That is to say, principally all grades for the Bachelor's programme must be awarded by 30 September 2023. Together with other required documents, the certificate of the first professional qualification (the bechelor's degree) must be submitted to the Examination Office of the Faculty of Arts by 14 December 2023 in order to be qualified for the examination registration. Should you previously completed your bachelor's programme at the Faculty of Arts, it is then not necessary to send us your bachelor's degree, because it is already avavilable at the Examination Office. Please note that alongside your enrolment this is a very important step to submit all required documents on time. Without these adocuments you will not be able to take any examination for your master's programme. An access to the electronic registration for examinations is only possible when you fulfill all the admission requirements for the respective master's programme. Students, who have already received the admission letter but fail to meet the registration deadline, will no longer be eligible for the respective master's programme. Consequently, a new application in the next semester is required. Furthermore, either you will be suspended from further study of the master's programme, or you will be listed again as a bachelor, when you previously completed your bachelor's programme at the Faculty of Arts.


You would like to contact us? Please use our contact form for further questions regarding the application procedure of the Master's programmes!

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